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Who Puts the “Pair” in Pearwise?

Pearwise is made up of two tutors: Kevin Pereira (“Pereira” means pear tree) and Sage Snider (“Sage” means wise). Kevin—a former Vanderbilt biochemist and current high school science teacher—teaches math and science, while Sage—a Yale and Brown University trained historian—focuses on the humanities. Together, we coordinate learning plans while ensuring you get expert advice.


We’ll introduce ourselves. 

 You can call me Sage 

I earned my BA from Yale University and MA from Brown University, focusing on the humanities. I’ve worked with students of all ages as section leader at the Great Books Summer Program at Stanford University, history teacher at an alternative high school, and educational programmer at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History and Yale Art Gallery. I’m also a private violin teacher and performing artist. She graduated Order of the Coif from Vanderbilt Law School.

 You can call me Kevin 

I earned my BA in biochemistry from DePauw University. After, I worked as a researcher at Vanderbilt University, where I completed an M.A. in Chemical and Physical Biology, helped teach organic chemistry courses, and mentored high school through graduate students. I’m also a rock climber, cook, and calligrapher. Most recently, I’ve taught high school science at the Webb school, a historic boarding school with an international clientele, and Currey Ingram, an innovative school specializing in students with learning differences.

My favorite tutoring subjects are...
SAT Reading, Essay Writing, History, and Literature
I've been recognized by...
  • An Education in the Arts grant from the “Rhode Island State Council for the Arts,” to teach a year-long high school music history course
  • The “New England Museum Association,” as a co-presenter on creating engaging museum education programs at their Annual Conference
  • The Yale Humanities’ “City of Rome” award, for creating an educational tour on Mussolini’s Fascist City and Futurist Art
  • The Brown Folk Festival, student battle of the band’s first place winner
I teach because...
From my 10+ years as a private violin teacher (and 24 years as a student), I know how powerful one-on-one teacher-student relationships can be. As a private tutor, I can get to know each student as a whole person and customize instruction to particular interests, learning styles, and goals. Given the opportunity to work with you or your child over multiple sessions, I can promise patience, adaptability, creativity, and rigor. 
When I'm not tutoring, I'm...
Fiddling/Dancing, Playing Tennis, Reading, and Visiting Museums
Fun Fact...
When I was 18, I served as a full-voting school board member that represented 74,000 students.
My favorite tutoring subjects are:

SAT Math, AP Chemistry, Physics, and Biology

I've been recognized by...
  • Published in Methods: “An HPLC-tandem mass spectrometry method for simultaneous detection of alkylated base excision repair products” PMID: 23876937
  • Molecular Biophysics Training Grant, Vanderbilt University
  • Science Research Fellow, Depauw University
  • Honors Thesis in Biochemistry, DePauw University
  • A Bonner Scholarship; for which I helped coordinate social justice centers, wrote newspaper articles for a local hospital, and worked as an EMT
  • Gentry Certificate and Black Belt in Hapkido, Gentry Martial Arts
I teach because...
I like puzzles. I like the challenge of finding my own solutions to complex problems. Whether for rock climbing, cooking, or labwork, I’m constantly designing processes for reaching difficult goals. Likewise for tutoring, it’s my job to help students master what challenges them. Rather than make students memorize correct answers, I provide tools so they can find those answers in a way that works for them. With a little guidance and creative thinking, they can figure out how to interpret complex data or perform precise calculations. I know learning can be a difficult puzzle, but I can help make finding the solution fun. 
When I'm not tutoring, I'm...

Writing, Rock Climbing, and Baking Cookies.

Fun Fact...

For my favorite research project, I used x-rays to study the shape of HIV proteins.

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