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Sage is one of the unique people in this world who truly values each and every individual. She has worked with our son for 2 years now and the way in which she has connected with him intellectually, socially, and conceptually has been incredible.  She is thoughtful, sensitive, and understands how to meet a child where he or she is at.  In addition, she is wildly creative and has each child’s spirit at the forefront of her mind.  It has been an honor and a sincere pleasure to get to know Sage and to watch her do her magic with our child.  She is a rare gem in the educational world.

Daniella P., Principal of Akiva Day School

I love Kevin!!! He really helped me with math by targeting which concepts needed the most work and testing strategies. Even though I hated it when he timed me during practices and forced me to put myself in testing conditions, I think it really paid off in the end. He also instilled confidence that I really needed before taking the test 🙂 Thank you Kevin!!!!

Izi, SAT student

I would like to enthusiastically recommend Sage Snider as a tutor.  She tutored my son who was a freshman in PSAT prep as well as writing/philosophy and was a stellar tutor!  She was also a great influence on my son’s level of interest and manner of approaching questions.  She was professional, dedicated and patient and approaches each student as an individual.  She works to understand each student’s strengths/weaknesses to help guide her teaching focus/style.  She built a customized learning plan for my son that he was able to benefit from both as an individual as well as an improvement in his scores.

Susan R., MD

[Kevin] has a strong grasp of chemistry and biology at a higher level, but is also skilled at teaching complex concepts in simple, easy-to-grasp ways. He has had numerous tutoring experiences, participating in peer tutoring as well as training rotation students in the lab. Kevin is particularly skilled at “seeing” three dimensional chemistry concepts and helping others translate two dimensions on paper into 3D in their imaginations. He also has strong backgrounds in math, physics, and computer science, and is an excellent writer.

Kate M., PHD, classmate and student

My 11 year old was attending middle school, and even though his grades were passable, he was clearly “not getting” how to write essays. My help did not seem to improve the situation, so I called Pearwise. Sage worked with him for a few months and I really saw a change in him – not only in what he wrote (an essay, and a short story) but also his confidence level when it came to organizing, and revisiting/editing, his thoughts on paper. She found ways to tie in subjects he was interested in with their tutoring work, as well as having him read, and process, famous essays. He looked forward to his tutoring sessions, and Sage treated him with both respect and caring, while also challenging him to push himself. I would recommend Pearwise Tutoring wholeheartedly.

Elayne C., parent of middle school student